The Benefits of using GLA for General Freight

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International Freight Forwarding.


  • We are specialists in international air and sea freight forwarding.


  • We care about what we do. It is not just a service, its personal.  It is not just a task, it's who we are.  Our reputation is at stake, personally and professionally.


  • Our teams are hand-picked to be time based and milestone driven -  we pride ourselves in meeting the required deadlines set by the clients/carriers and getting the goods delivered to destination within the required timelines.


  • Get real time tracking of your shipment from your suppliers’ warehouse to your door.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Goal


  • Enjoy the benefits of a single point of contact for your account and information, plus the robust flexibility of personalised updates from our controllers on the stages of cargo movement.


  • We are not limited by corporate alliances when it comes to our international agents. Our focus is on strategic partnerships with various global forwarding agents. That means you get the best possible service and rates on offer.


  • We bridge the gap between all parties involved in the process – supplier, agent, carrier and client
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International Freight Forwarding

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