How do you Analyse Your Supply Chain?

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With the constant economic changes facing business owners, it’s crucial to look at ways to evolve and grow our entities. New technologies are constantly being developed and industry boundaries are being pushed further than ever before. One step towards optimizing your business is analyzing your supply chain.

The supply chain is a crucial process in any business. And, ensuring the cost and time efficient flow of goods and services to your customers is an area of ongoing improvement.

We at GLA look at various ways to understand our client’s needs and requirements. A Supply chain analysis is a tool for identifying growth opportunities related to a given industry within a specific location.

By understanding the way your industry fits into its overall supply chain,
strategic decisions can be made about the types of industries it should
seek to attach, retain and help expand.

GLA is recognized to conduct supply chain analysis, probe the potential to further understand needs and opportunities for business expansion as well as attractions for regional economic growth.

Using the supply chain analysis tool GLA can assist in understanding how to
study your industry and how it fits into your supply chain. We use various
resources that generate information on any industry and of interest.

We look at supply chain mapping to identify the specific points that comprise the various pieces of the supply chain. Gap analysis is also used to determine where key supply chain industries source their inputs (within / outside) a region.

We at GLA can analyse any import – export supply chain. Understanding
your supplier’s flow of industry products into and out of a region, applicable time frames as well as your overall supply chain requirement could assist us in finding new opportunities to promote overall growth and, ultimately, offer cost savings.

Let GLA analyse your supply chain, contact us today to see how we build your business.

By Juanita Botha

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