Don’t let airfreight take the back seat

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Why Airfreight can be an option for your business

In the world outside of logistics many people don’t know exactly what airfreight is or how it works. For example, most people travelling on flights from one country to the other are either not involved in logistics or have no interest in it. But what they don’t know is, that very same aircraft they are on is carrying some intriguing cargo. And on a daily basis flights into and out of South Africa carry weird and wonderful cargo, from the smallest USB stick to Rhinos. And yes, you read right RHINOS! if you don’t believe that statement, ask IAG Cargo ( )


Next time you fly, choose the window seat and get a front-row view of the organised chaos we call Airfreight. Transport of goods by Air is often overlooked for several reasons. The main reason for this is the shipper not being aware of the capabilities of airfreight or speaking to inexperienced consultants.


Airfreight has always been considered as an “Expensive” or “Luxury” form of transport. But considering the benefits of airfreight, they all add up. For instance, if you were going away on holiday you wouldn’t want to spend 50% of your holiday travelling in a bus or car when you can fly and be at your destination within hours.


Speed to market is still one of the most important factors for many sectors ie. Technology, Fresh Produce, etc. When the latest phone launches you want to be the first on the shelves, ensuring access to peak consumer activity. Similarly when transporting fresh produce, you have to consider shelf life and speed to market, allowing you the ability to sell out before competitors and becoming a market leader.


How can GLA help with your airfreight requirements

Choosing the right logistics partner can save time and money, while experience and expertise can guide your airfreight shipment movements. There are various airlines & freight forwarders offer Economy or Consolidated services, when utilized, can work out cheaper than the average sea freight shipment. Put yourself in the shoes of a Production Manager for a large manufacturing firm, facing a line stoppage as one of their machines / conveyor belts broke. As a result, cost of a line stoppage can amount to millions in losses, making it sensible to Airfreight the spares in instead of sea freight. We at GLA can offer airfreight solutions that range from economy to next day delivery, depending on your needs.


In the fast-paced world where everything is on demand quick fast and in a hurry. Similarly, why would you not choose Airfreight to get your goods from one place to another? Get it there tomorrow and not next month… For info on the Do’s & Don’ts, Can’s & Can’ts of Airfreight call GLA to improve your Airfreight experience.


By Marwaan Mahri – 16 January 2019

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