Working under lockdown

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Many countries worldwide were faced with nationwide lockdowns in an effort to curve the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown was implemented to flatten the curve compared with the estimated projections, but it also meant that companies and citizens were faced with strict regulations.


This saw companies adapting to meet the regulations, some with very innovative measures, in order to continue working. Some companies were unable to operate and unfortunately had to close doors.    


Global Logistics Alliance is grateful to its staff and clients for their support during this time. Our staff, who had been working remotely from home, have returned to the office with the exception of a few. We understand that some members of our team are high risk and that schools are not yet open. This presents its own set of challenges and we commend parents juggling spreadsheets and homework.


We have implemented safe workplace practices to ensure that our staff and our customers are kept safe. Some of those measures include:

  • A Covid-19 Induction & Info booklet which was issued to our team alongside detailed induction meetings with Q & A’s.
  • Staff members were supplied with masks, sanitizers and were spaced apart in the office.
  • Fever is testing for staff and visitors that enter our premises, nationwide.
  • All visitors are required to wear protective masks and complete a visitor log for records.


We hope these measures will continue to flatten the curve of this terrible outbreak while allowing us to continue providing freight services to the best of our ability.

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